Azar Joseph Conrad

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Azar  by  Joseph Conrad

Azar by Joseph Conrad
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Mediocre Joseph Conrad, only recommended for die-hard fans or completests. Basically a slow moving story of how chance plays into the lives of the main characters and brings about a minor miracle.In typical Conrad fashion, he employs an awkward narrative device.

Its basically in 1st person although we never know who I is. On top of this most of the story is narrated by the trusty Marlow (Heart of Darness, Lord Jim) over the course of an evening, in this case perhaps 12 hours straight. And of course he knows things that only the protagonist would know, kind of a proxy for 3rd person omniscient which is what Conrad should have used in the first place.

Sometimes Marlow is narrating what another character told him and this gets rather confusing for no good reason.OK, there are good things. The characters are interesting although the female protagonist is a little artificial (Conrad does better with strong male characters with a tragic flaw). His descriptions of the psychological underpinnings of every word and action is pretty fun if youre patient. And the culmination of all the plot threads is satisfying.So, what I should have said at the Lord Jim or Victory instead.

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