Over and Beyond: A Rightful Heirs Deadly Surprise Nicholas Sinclair Schrage

ISBN: 9780595514809

Published: September 1st 2008


276 pages


Over and Beyond: A Rightful Heirs Deadly Surprise  by  Nicholas Sinclair Schrage

Over and Beyond: A Rightful Heirs Deadly Surprise by Nicholas Sinclair Schrage
September 1st 2008 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 276 pages | ISBN: 9780595514809 | 5.73 Mb

Franois Monet, architect of the Monet Business Empire, recently passed on and named a single heir. His granddaughter, Catherine, comes to the States to share the news with distant cousins, Marcus, Deirdre and Kristen Monet...Marcus is the sole heir. There is little time to settle it and their lives are in danger because of it. Catherines estranged father, Paulo, is expanding his crime syndicate to America, but the will and Marcus stand in his way.

Paulos terrorists will stop at nothing to eliminate the obstruction. Once Marcus is out of the way, Paulo gets it all. Jeff and Sinclair, seasoned law enforcement officers, provide escort for the family and they become targets by association, now all of their lives are in jeopardy. Three couples embark on this perilous adventure, which is truly Over and Beyond. From the front door, to the courthouse in France, officers provide sustained protection, directing tactical teams and anti-terrorist forces using state-of-the-art weapons and equipment...its all or nothing...the Monets must be stopped...If they survive, they win.

While running for their lives, the Monets discover who they really are (when put to the test) bringing this tale of international corruption to its final intriguing revelation.

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