Yes He Was A Boy! Teresa Joseph


Published: April 27th 2012

Kindle Edition

77 pages


Yes He Was A Boy!  by  Teresa Joseph

Yes He Was A Boy! by Teresa Joseph
April 27th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 77 pages | ISBN: | 10.62 Mb

Is he really a boy? So pretty and feminine, giggly and sweet. Was this cock-sucking little princess ever really her son, her husband or a male guest at her B&B? Yes ladies, you’re right. He Was a Boy! 10 thrilling tales, exploring how almost any man can be utterly subjugated and feminised by almost any woman, used as a helpless plaything to amuse them, serve and obey. Not just dressed up, but psychologically deconstructed, transformed into obedient sissy-girls.

Breastfeeding to hypnosis, medical treatments to simple domination, each has their own favourite way to manipulate and control them. From neighbours competing to see which sissy looks sexier on Halloween, police officers using sissy blowjobs to help calm tensions and keep order, many ways for women to use the weak puppets once their total emasculation is complete. Whether raised from childhood to be pansies or just popped by to read the meter, the end result is almost exactly the same. Robbed of their masculine identities, no more than effeminate sex toys, sissies eagerly suck cock and stain their nappies or panties with sissy-cream

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